Lesebilder aus dem Englischunterricht der Klasse 8b

Im Distanzunterricht der Klasse 8b wurden im Fach Englisch Lesebilder erstellt. Anschließend wurden in Teams die besten Bilder, die wir hier zusammen mit einem einleitenden Text präsentieren möchten, mit „Daumen hoch“ gewählt.

„Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are (Mason Cooley)“

In times of Corona, every student must accept the digital lessons, even if learning isn’t as interesting as at school. Audio calls and other ways of communication are now part of our everyday school life. But there’s another way! Class 8b proved that by creating a lot of reading posters.
First, everyone had to read one of the available books. There was a great selection from fantasy books to adventure stories. While reading, we had to take notes of the most important information, so that we could write a short summary and also our personal opinion afterwards. But of course we didn’t simply write texts! After reading, the work has just begun, because the layout of a reading poster is as important as the information texts! So every student could explain the main statement of the story in his/her own way, in the form of a drawing, some beautiful pictures or other fancy ideas.
The kids of class 8b have worked on their posters for weeks and the results are very fantastic, aren’t they?
This imaginative idea of English lessons had Mr. Jahnke, the English teacher of class 8b. Writing, reading, drawing, …With this awesome exercise, he could promote the English language development of the students very well and soon, the kids will introduce their books verbally in an audio call.
In summary, we can say that this way of English lessons was great fun and we’re all proud of our little work of art. And if you’re also searching for an exciting English book, have a look at our reading posters! Maybe one of the stories is also interesting for you.

Amelie, 8b