The Morph Competition

This is Morph

Morph is a little yellow monster who lives in the library at Plymstock school in our English book. Morph can turn into different colours and forms. He speaks English because he is from England. 

Morph was created by the Cornelsen publisher to help with grammar and learning English. 

The idea of the competition

Our English teacher, Mrs Krueger, had the idea to have a competition for the Year 5 and 6, so that all students got to know the Morph of our English book “Access“ better. 

Information about the competition

The students of Class 6B had the chance to create posters which informed about all the rules of the competition (cf. photos). The posters were given to all the Year 5 and 6 classes.

The competition

The students who decided to take part in the competition had to create a Morph of their own. They could, for example, draw, craft or sew their own Morph.

The Morph show 

All the Morphs were on a table at the Open House Day at school in November. Everybody could see them.

The Morph rating

Our Bili class (6B) had to choose the best Morph. Every student of the 6B class had to rate all the Morphs. The Morph with the highest score was the winner. 

First, we decided on different rating categories (self-made, quality of crafting, cuteness, originality of idea, …). Then every 6B student could give up to three points for each Morph.

Everyone who made a Morph got a present from the Cornelsen publisher.

Benedicta, 6B